What is the bodywork of a car?

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Most of us would have heard about the word ‘bodywork’ but what does it mean? Bodywork, or also known as a vehicle body, refers to the exterior metal layer of a vehicle. Car body repair refers to the process of repairing the outer metal layer of a vehicle.

Common Types of Bodywork Damages

Now that we know the definition of these terms, let us look at some of the common types of bodywork damages. Some of the common car body damages are dents, scratches, chipped paint, suspension damage, cracked windshield or windows, bumper damage, collision damage, body panel replacement, and the list goes on.

Car Body Repairs

Car body damages are not rare and they may occur every now and then, especially if you are careless or unlucky when you are driving. Do also know that the cost of the car body repair service will vary according to the extent and the type of damage to the car. However, do not worry as your car will still be able to look brand new as if the damage did not ever happen at all!

At SK Automobile, we provide repairs to the body of the vehicle from the frame, windshield, windows, roof, doors, bumpers, and more. If your car gets damaged, be it minor or major damage, do not panic; contact us and we will ensure that your car looks brand new!

Other types of services we offer also include car body spray paint, car general servicing, car major repairs, and towing services.

You can also book an appointment with us if you want a bodywork repair or other services and we will help you in any way we can. All you have to do to book an appointment with us is to provide us with your name, contact number, car model, car series, the type of service you want, and any additional message. We will then get back to you soon!

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